• Understand and agree with UMUP's corporate culture and business philosophy

  • With 1 million to 2 million capital, and experience in home building materials brand management

  • Sample display according to the company's design and decoration standards for the showroom

  • Be equipped according to company requirements for the sales team

  • Local mainstream home building materials business circle store

  • Need to establish an outreach channel team for the operation

  • Only connects with one partnership authorizer

  • Well credit only for the cooperator.

Brand advantage
  • 01
    Italian Light Luxury Furnishing, Italian Light Luxury Design Collection, Italian Minimalism Furnishing, the most popilar styles are available in complete sets.
    Professional design and development team, launching two new series of supporting products every year, keeping up with the pace of the market.
    More than 20 years of furniture manufacturing experience, master the core technology of furniture manufacturing.
  • 04
    Nationally certified sewage and environmental protection equipment, product safety is assured.
    Professional marketing service team planning for the opening of the new store.
  • 06
    The new S2B2C model new retail mall, accurate customer acquisition, fast transaction.
    Business school training, personalized customized team growth plan.
    Perfect transaction enabling tools, high-end leather fabric samples, marketing toolbox, 3D module, Kujiale + Meijian.
    • Initial consultation
      Use telephone, WeChat, email and other tools to understand the company's business philosophy, product advantages, and franchise requirements.
      Intent to communicate
      After in-depth communication between the two parties, it is confirmed that the advantages of both parties and the matching degree of the local market can promote the company's products.
    • On-site inspection by both parties
      Franchisees go to the headquarters for on-the-spot inspections and the head of the headquarter area for exchanges, cooperation and franchise matters. The head of the headquarter area visits the local area to inspect the strength of the franchisees and check whether the business address meets the company's requirements.
      Sign a contract
      After the inspection, the two parties agree to confirm the franchise. The two parties negotiate and sign a cooperation agreement, pay the performance fee for the brand franchise contract, and determine the rights and obligations of both parties.
    • Store opening preparation
      Determine the location and site area of the store, determine the products to be sampled, the headquarter designer plans and designs the storefront, and prepares the work schedule for opening the store.
      Store decoration
      Franchisees decorate and arrange storefronts according to the design requirements of the headquarters.
    • Preparation for opening
      After the decoration is completed, the designer of the headquarters will set up the venue for guidance, receive the brand management authorization letter, and train the staff.
      Open operation
      The opening event was planned and executed, and the store was officially put into operation.
      Regular Operational Guidance
      Headquarters staff come to the store to support, regularly follow up on operation guidance, and help franchisee team growth training.

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