Originality process

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, more and more people begin to explore the true nature of life, and begin to pursue a simple and comfortable home life. With a design full of art and natural flavor, it realizes the commonality of practicality and artistry, and restores the most authentic happiness and beauty of life. Furniture is not just a piece of furniture. Incorporating the world's aesthetic taste into life, the quiet gray, elegant white, and neutral tones with high-quality texture show the modern, fashionable and elegant demeanor.

Metal, decoration, etc., cleverly mix and match to enhance the space temperament, make life easy but elegant, simple but elegant. Pursue the ultimate romance and life sentiment, closely combine art and function, have both practicality and aesthetics, make life artistic, and feel the quality of life. Pair it with a chic chandelier and place a few fragrant bouquets to make the home space full of brilliance. Geometric lines are the protagonists running through the entire space, simple and powerful line structure, innate linear beauty, clean, fluent and straight, showing a unique artistic skinny in a calm space.

Umuphome Furniture takes the pursuit of the rhythm of life as the origin, is based on the contemporary, breaks through the routine, and integrates the outline of each space with concise lines.
The rich details enhance the space style, and reproduce the space deconstruction and aesthetic composition as a fashionable form.

  • 18K mirror stainless steel

    18K mirror stainless steel is selected to prevent rust and oxidation, and it has a delicate appearance, stable structure, excellent quality, toughness, and roundness.

  • Natural marble

    Selected natural marble, precision processing, natural and delicate texture, restore natural color, each piece is unique.

  • China Resources Paint

    China Resources Paint is one of the top ten paint groups in China. The paint is full and even, the wood grain is clear, and the surface is smooth, which can effectively prolong the service life of wood.

  • South Asian sponge

    The seat cushion is uniformly made of Nanya Group's 50-density high-density and high-resilience sponge, which promises to not deform for 20 years.


The combination of innovative production technology and original design meets consumers' requirements for product function and comfort. The soul of Italian-style light luxury furniture lies in craftsmanship, which requires software, paint, hardware, and stone to be the ultimate and perfect combination.

  • Painting Process

    The high glossy paino painting follows the Italian brand OEM standard, China Resources brand paint, 6 bottoms and 3 sides, 18 pure handcrafts.

  • Stainless Steel Process

    304 stainless steel 18K ultra-high-definition mirror anti-oxidation process, ingenious production, to ensure that the complex metal structure can not find any welding seam.

  • Stone Craftsmanship

    Select high-quality natural marble for finishing to restore the exquisite beauty of high-grade stone.

  • Software Process

    From leather selection to sewing, the combination of different materials, refined processing, to achieve comfortable touch. At the same time, it shows the delicate and elegant aesthetic concept.

  • Detail Craftsmanship

    All grooves at the bottom of the software are closed with carob lines, and no nails can be seen; the bottom of the product is unified with a glossy piano painting standard.

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